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A box, is a box, is a box... or is it?

Posted by One Of The Flower Guys on 10/4/2013 to New Products
Corsages and boutonnieres, a lot of work for a little money.

Unfortunately they are one of those items in a flower shop where your customers may not always appreciate the amount of time and effort you invest in creating something so small and beautiful. One of the things that you can do to increase the perceived value of these tiny works of floral art is how you package them.

Clear Corsage BoxWhile often they are sent out of a flower shop in what amounts to little more that a Glad sandwich bag there is an alternative. The clear box, something that until now was not always a florists first choice simply based on its cost. However we believe we have resolved that problem with our line of corsage and boutonniere clear boxes.

The same great design and quality that are available at your local wholesaler but are price is in some instances 40% less than typical wholesale price. We are currently stocking the two most popular sizes

So, now we can all drop the "baggies" and add an additional "wow" factor to our corsage work, and as we all know "wow" can mean an increased selling price. Speaking of adding value and upselling your work, if you are not already offering magnets instead of pins on your corsage work, here is another opportunity, Boutstix. A great item to enhance your work and like all of our products at an incredible price!
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