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Chrysal Professional 2,T-Bags, 1 Gallon, 100/pkg

Product Number 0018-0054
Chrysal Professional 2,T-Bags, 1 Gallon, 100/pkg
Extends the length of the distribution, storage, and sales period within a flower shop
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100 per Package

We personally swear by this product and its all we use ourselves. No more time consuming measuring or second guessing whether a bucket has flower food in it already. Just look in a bucket and if you see a T-Bag floating you know your flowers are being well cared for.

Chrysal Clear Professional 2 "T-Bags" are a conditioning product for all cut flowers that improves flower longevity. Specifically designed for the period that your flowers are within your store prior to reaching the end user in their home or office.Chrysal Clear Professional 2 "T-Bags" contain nutrients for the natural development of the flowers, without stimulating a full development prematurely. It functions as a "holding" solution within your flower shop helping to ensure that your customers receive the optimum flower life upon purchase.

This improved formula can be used in a cold and/or ambient temperature environment. The diluted solution can be used for an even longer time period in store, saving both labour and water costs.

The same great performance as Chrysal Clear Professional 2 Concentrate, but in a much easier form to use. No more measuring out liquid!

Benefits of using Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bags
- Provides great visual control, simply look in a bucket, if there is a tea bag there is flower  
   food. No more uncertainty about whether or not a bucket has flower food!
- Extends the length of the distribution, storage, and sales period within a flower shop
- Increases vase life by up to 50% versus water alone
- Keeps flowers and foliage in optimum condition
- Optimizes water uptake, which helps to prevent 'bent-neck' syndrome
- Improves the opening of flowers and provides better colour retention 

For optimal results use Chrysal Clear Professional 2 Tea Bags as follows
1 T-Bag per 1 Gallon of clean water

Note: When using any Post Harvest Care always adhere to the manufacturers instructions, using too little or too much can be a very bad thing and be detrimental to flower longevity.

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Specific Product Safety Info
Material Safety Data Sheet

Although all of us hope there are never any safety issues with this product we are making available the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) just in case they are required. Just click on the link below to open it as a PDF.

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