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Our teddy bears are on the water!

Posted by One Of The Flower Guys on 4/30/2013 to New Products
Our teddy bears boarded their "cruise ship" on the 29th of April, finally!

These bears have been our biggest challenge so far, between finding the right source, choosing the right bears, and last but not least making a sizable commitment in inventory and dollars. It's a big gamble, but funny enough we started this particular search with a much smaller goal in mind. Finding a "wire service" bear that we could use to fill incoming orders and still make a couple of bucks doing so.

Teddy Bear SelectionHowever as our search for the perfect source progressed we realized that there was a world of opportunity out there and why stop with just a "wire service" bear. So naturally we threw caution to the wind and decided to think just a little bigger. What we ended up with was a total of six bears ranging in size from 8" to 18", in a selection of colours and styles, 4 of which are shown in the picture to the left.

Frankly, we're pretty pleased with ourselves on this one and we are confident you will be too. All of our bears are priced 25% - 35% lower that anything we were able to find wholesale previously and we have added volume breaks that start as low as 5 bears on some styles. Our plush bears will be available for shipping about the first week of June.

To view all six styles of plush bears, Click Here
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