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Plush Animals

Plush animals are something we all have in our shops to some degree, some flower shops have a few varieties, other florists stock a large selection of stuffed bears and teddy's. Plush animals at a reasonable price were definitely a "must find" on our shopping list of basic florist supplies.

When we started to source stuffed plush animals for resale we realized that there were already some pretty decent wholesale suppliers of plush animals in Canada, some of them we were were already purchasing from. We had no beef about the quality, but unfortunately the price we were paying was killing us.The worst part was incoming wire orders, by the time the wire commissions and fees came off on our monthly statement we considered ourselves lucky to make a buck on a bear. So we had to do something. Originally we started our search simply to find a "wire service bear", a decent plush bear that we could use to fill incoming wire orders and still make a margin. But after we started our search we decided , why not be a bit bolder? After all we couldn't be the only flower retailer with this issue. So now we have a number of quality bears at really great prices.


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Although our everyday prices are pretty low to start with we do have some products that are priced so low its "incredible". Some of these products are just plain dirt cheap, others have been reduced to clear. Either way you save money and there is nothing wrong with that, So have a look at these Incredible Bargains.