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The 80/20 rule, make it work in your shop

Posted by One of The Flower Guys on 6/18/2013 to About Odyssey
When we started Odyssey we did so with the idea of targeting the core 20% of basic flower shop supplies. Simple enough idea,  after all that's where we could achieve the greatest overall savings. Think about it, what good is saving 50% on an item you rarely use,  if you really want to save money you need to target the products you use everyday, and are reordering frequently.

However along the journey we kept finding items that probably didn't necessarily fall within the "Golden 20%" but proved to be such a good deal we couldn't pass them up. Seriously, how many diamond head pins or rolls of waterproof tape can any one shop use? (But, on the other hand....how do you pass up saving of up to 50% off typical wholesale prices?)

So let's get back to the 80/20 train of thought...

That's our mission, to provide the best possible pricing on the key 20% of the hardgoods used in a flower shop. Basic stuff like wrapping paper, florist shears, flower food envelopes, or floral foam. In doing so we know we can save ourselves and our customers substantial money on their basic supply purchases. As for the other 80%? We plan to leave the bulk of that for the other guy.

While we are pretty happy with the way our catalogue of products is shaping up (and we believe our customers are too) we could sure use some input on what you, our customer would like to see us add to the Odyssey line.

So please leave us your comments, tell us what you think we should inventory, you can even tell us what you would like to realistically pay in a perfect world. Although we can't guarantee we will always meet your ideal price point, we're sure going to try.
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